YUNO always focuses on its innovation and development. After ten years effort, It has steadily developed into a modern enterprise specialized in manufacturing various specification of PET Preform / bottle cap mould.

The company  has strong technical strength and complete equipment. With advanced processing equipment and computer CAD/CAM/CAE system……


Looking to the future of bottle blowing machine industry in China

The brand, as an intangible asset of a company, can greatly enhance the image of the company in the industry; it allows the company and its products to have a deep-rooted image in the minds of consumers; it can also allow companies to justify their high profits. In the absence of a leading player in the bottle blowing machine industry in China, the general brand awareness is weak, which also leads to the difficulty of achieving product-intensive scale production of products, and it is even more difficult to meet the ever-changing market demands. Who will be the future?

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